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Pomegranates – The Fountain of Youth?

Pomegranates taste good, but will they really make me look younger? I decided to stop wondering about the hype and actually do some research to get some answers. Here’s what I found out about this interesting little fruit, enjoy!

Pomegranates – The Fountain of Youth?

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Where do pomegranates come from?

The term pomegranate comes from the Latin phrase pomum granatum, which means “apple of many seeds.” The pomegranate is a small fruit-bearing tree that originated in Persia. It is one of the world’s first cultivated fruits.

What are the health benefits of pomegranates?

Pomegranates have been valued for their nutritional benefits for more than 4000 years. They have been called the “miracle fruit.” Their health benefits include:

  • Prevents cancer
  • Supports immune system
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, & kidney disease
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves sex life
  • Improves depression symptoms
  • Increases bone mass

Do pomegranates help with anti-aging?

Yes, a glass of pomegranate juice a day helps keep the wrinkles away! In November 2011, researchers at the ProbelteBio Laboratory in Murcia, Spain discovered that pomegranates slow down the aging process of DNA. This study examined the pomegranate’s rich supply of antioxidants, which prevent age-related cell damage. Subjects were given an extract of whole pomegranate fruit in a capsule form daily for one month. Researchers then found a significant decrease in a specific marker (8-Oxo-DG) linked to cell damage. This marker can have numerous detrimental effects, including aging of the skin. This decrease slows down the natural oxidation (or “rusting”) of DNA in cells that occurs over time. The lead researcher, Dr. Sergio Streitenberger, concluded “the study demonstrates that regular consumption of this new pomegranate extract can slow down the process of DNA oxidation.”

Pomegranates – The Fountain of Youth?

HOW do pomegranates help with anti-aging?

The pomegranate is the most powerful antioxidant of all the fruits. Pomegranate juice has almost three times the antioxidant potency of green tea or red wine. Antioxidants neutralize damage from free radicals, which are highly reactive chemical substances that damage the body’s cells. These chemical substances have been linked to accelerated aging and major degenerative illnesses.

The pomegranate is the best anti-aging food for softening the skin because it is loaded with vitamin C, which helps protect skin from the wrinkling effects of sun damage. Pomegranate juice contains ellagic acid, which fights free radical damage. This juice also contains punicalagin, a supernutrient that increases the body’s ability to preserve collagen, which makes skin look plump and smooth.

How much pomegranate should I eat?

Jackie Newgent, a nutritionist based in New York City, recommends eating 1 cup of pomegranate seeds every week.

Pomegranates – The Fountain of Youth?

This week I made a delicious spinach salad with pomegranate seeds, after watching a helpful tutorial on how to cut a pomegranate.  Thank you to my dear husband who patiently waited to eat dinner while I photographed the pomegranate seeds and salad!

Spinach and kale are the best anti-aging foods for firming the skin because they contain phytonutrients, or antioxidant compounds, which help protect skin from damage caused by the sun. Spinach is packed with beta-carotene and lutein, two nutrients that improve elasticity of the skin. Newgent recommends eating 3 cups of spinach or kale every week.

After doing some research, I have concluded that pomegranates really are the fountain of youth!

Do YOU like pomegranates? Please share your favourite recipe ideas!


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Eye Cream – Fact or Gimmick?

Do we really need a different moisturizer for the delicate skin around our eyes?

In my previous post Healthy Skin Needs Daily Maintenance, I left you with a gut-wrenching skincare cliff-hanger:  Do we really need a different moisturizer for the delicate skin around our eyes?  In today’s post, I will finally reveal the answer.  Whew!  Drumroll please…..

Yes, we do need a different moisturizer around our eyes, which is the first area on the face to show signs of aging (lines and wrinkles).

Skin around the eyes differs from other facial skin in several ways:

  1. It is thinner, which makes it more delicate and vulnerable.  As we age, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and more transparent, resulting in more visible dark circles.
  2. It is more prone to dryness.  It does not contain oil glands that secrete sebum, the skin’s natural moisture barrier.  Dry skin is more prone to wrinkle development and makes fine lines appear more prominently.  Eye creams contain more emollients (moisturizers), which fill the spaces between skin cells, causing skin to swell enough to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  3. It gets a much greater workout.  Because our eyes are so expressive, the skin around them is constantly subjected to creasing when we laugh, smile, and squint, in addition to stretching due to puffiness.  When the skin around the eyes is void of hydration, the constant creasing of the skin will result in fine lines that can later develop into deeper wrinkles if left untreated.  Eye creams are thicker than facial moisturizers, so they will remain on thin, mobile skin better.  As we age, our skin produces less collagen, which is a protein that keeps skin strong and helps smooth out wrinkles.  Eye creams contain collagen-boosting ingredients (eg: retinol, antioxidants such as Vitamin C, and peptides).
  4. It is more prone to allergic reactions.  Facial moisturizers may contain ingredients (eg: sunscreens) that are too strong for the delicate skin around the eyes and cause stinging and burning.  Eye creams tend to be gentler than facial moisturizers.
  5. It is more prone to environmental damage.  Smoking as well as exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can encourage the formation of wrinkles.

An effective eye cream should have the following properties:

  • An effective moisture barrier to prevent loss of hydration
  • A moisturizing complex to maintain the skin’s optimal moisture reserves
  • Ingredients to boost the production of collagen and elastin, the skin’s natural building blocks
  • High concentrations of multiple antioxidants to fight environmental aggressors and oxidation

BeautiControl’s BC Spa Facial Restructuring Eye Creme (16236) contains all of these components, along with an exclusive delivery system that allows each of the ingredients to penetrate into the layers of the skin where they will be most effective.  It helps maintain the skin’s hydration, prevent future damage, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  This cream is paraben-free and contains Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, which are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in our skin and joints.  Hyaluronic acid has been shown to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles by plumping skin and adding extra moisture.

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Jaracz, Jill. “Do You Really Need a Different Moisturizer For Your Eyes?”, health.discovery.com, accessed September 2, 2013.

NEW Microderm Abrasion For Face & Body!

I am SO excited about 4 brand new exfoliation products I just ordered from BeautiControl!  I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve been using them for a while.

Exfoliation is one of the most important treatments you can perform on your skin to help resolve certain skin problems, such as clogged pores, blemished skin, skin discoloration, dryness or rough skin – the signs of aging.  There are two types of exfoliants: chemical and physical.  Chemical exfoliants are applied and left on the skin for a short period of time, doing the work for you by dissolving away dry skin cells.  With a physical exfoliant, you do the work by using a tool to buff away dead skin cells. A combination of both physical and chemical exfoliants will give your skin the greatest results.

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Product Buzz August 2013

NEW BC Spa Resurface Microderm Apeel for Body (19789)

  • Reveal a smoother look with this microderm abrasion treatment designed specifically for the body.  Gently exfoliates skin and removes lifeless skin cells.
  • Easy-to-use stick is perfect for quick use in the shower.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of age spots, scars, and other imperfections to boost skin’s clarity.

  • Helps prevent signs of aging like uneven skin tone, sagging skin, and dullness or lack of clarity.
  • Helps prepare skin for optimum hydration of body moisturizers and creams.
  • Helps prepare skin for smooth, even application of sunless tanners.
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Microderm Apeel Body Product

NEW Regeneration, Tight, Firm & Fill Age-Defying Moisture Veil for Body (19788)

  • Apply this ultra-light, sprayable lotion to freshly exfoliated skin to help maintain healthy, firm, youthful-looking skin.  Contains patent-pending Tri-Peptide Complex for smoother appearance.  Regularly using a moisturizer will help increase your skin’s water content and decrease water loss.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.
  • Helps skin feel soothed.
  • Helps protect skin from environmental aggressors.
  • $55.00
  • 6 fluid oz/177 mL

Body Veil

NEW BC Spa Resurface Microderm Apeel for Face (19396)

  • A breakthrough skin resurfacing treatment that combines the benefits of a chemical peel with the benefits of a microderm abrasion treatment into one product.  Use it with the NEW, waterproof BeautiControl Professional Skin Care Tool for best results.
  • $66.00
  • 2.5 oz/70 g

NEW BeautiControl Professional Skin Care Tool (19150)

  • A waterproof, battery-powered facial buffer that cleanses and exfoliates for optimal results.  Includes one replacement brush.
  • 360° rotating movement provides superior exfoliation, cleansing, and buffing.
  • Leaves skin feeling smoother and healthier-looking.
  • Pores are cleaner and clearer, which helps enhance the performance of your skin care.
  • Ergonomic design offers comfort and control.
  • Can be used in the shower.
  • $22.00

Microderm Apeel Face Product

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Eye Firming Serum (14213)

  • Lightweight serum that works immediately to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin under the eyes and on the eyelids.
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Face Creme (14242)

  • Experience an immediate and long-lasting reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.  Leaves skin looking smooth and firm with increased elasticity and luminosity.  With consistent daily use, the patent-pending triple-action peptide complex creates an optimal environment for the skin to naturally produce collagen, the skin’s building blocks of youth, so skin appears firmer.
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