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iPhone Purse or Waterproof Case?

Ever wish you could shop hands-free and without a heavy purse hanging on your shoulder?  I have.  But I’m not about to leave my beloved cell phone in the car – that would feel like driving without a seatbelt!   😦

I’ve walked around the grocery store on more than one occasion carrying my cell phone, bank card, and car keys when I was wearing an outfit with no pockets to put them in.  Did I mention that I carried all 3 with 1 hand?  I’ve perfected wearing the keychain ring on my ring finger while holding my bank card and cell phone in my palm.  That leaves me the other hand to push the buggy and shop.  Hardly hands-free!  Sorta defeats the purpose!  But I’m not about to wear a fanny pack – I’m too young for that!

I was happy to discover a phone purse at SheLuvsTech that I could wear like a wristlet.  And it comes in my favourite colour orange!  I could slip my bank card in there no problem.  FYI, use coupon code GIFT15 to save 15% until November 26, 2013.

Golla G1405 Phone Purse (swoosie orange)

Golla G1405 Phone Purse (swoosie orange)

  • SKU#  PEGLLG1405
  • $21.24  sale $24.99 (reg. $29.99)
  • Fits most smartphones
  • Removable wrist strap

Another option is a waterproof iPhone case to wear around your neck:

Dri Cat Iphone(r) 5 and 5s Neck It Waterproof Case With Lanyard (orange)

Dri Cat Iphone 5/5s Neck It Waterproof Case With Lanyard (orange)

  • SKU#  PEEKU11060PC98
  • $50.99  $59.99
  • Fully functional underwater
  • Waterproof up to 18′
  • Detachable lanyard

SheLuvsTech shipping fee:

  • $8 flat rate shipping fee on all orders
  • Use coupon code FREESHIP to get free shipping on any order over $50

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