Hello dear readers!  I couldn’t agree more with the writer of this article on stress, Brandi Dodd.  Relaxing beauty rituals aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities in this hectic world we live in!  What do YOU do to de-stress?  I’d love to hear your comments.



We all have it! How is it that some people seem to “cope” better with it than others? 

Well I have found that those who “cope” better with their stress levels are the ones who are able to create and routinely practice healthy behaviors in their lives. Especially, during times when stress levels are the highest. This is actually the most important time to stick to the healthy habits they have included in their routines. 

Most people don’t realize that 80% of the complaints we go to the doctor’s office for is related to stress! Whether it be hypertension, ulcers, obesity, anxiety, depression, etc the list just goes on and on. When in reality if we just “bit” the bullet and coped with our high stress levels by taking that “me” time each day or at least several times a week we wouldn’t end up at the doctor’s office…

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