11 Wilt-Proof Makeup Tricks

Makeup melting off your face in this humid summer heat?  Me too!  Fortunately, Flare magazine has shared 11 tidbits to help weatherproof our makeup routine.

Tip #1

Benefit Cosmetics The Big Easy Liquid To Powder SPF 35 Foundation.  For the oily prone, this base dries to a powdery finish to keep shine at bay throughout the day.

Benefit Cosmetics The Big Easy Liquid to Powder SPF 35 Foundation

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Lighted Lip Gloss

Light up your lips with colour!  BeautiControl’s new Lip Shine Lighted Lip Gloss provides a moisturized, high-shine finish with a built-in light and mirror that lets you touch up your pout anywhere, on-the-go or in low light.  How cool is that?!

BeautiControl Lip Shine Lighted Lip Gloss with built-in light and mirror

BeautiControl Lip Shine Lighted Lip Gloss swatches

There are 6 pretty shades of lip gloss in this collection, ranging from warm to neutral to cool tones:

  1. Notice Me (20135)
  2. Camera Ready (20131)
  3. Catwalk (20132)
  4. Full Exposure (20133)
  5. Strut (20161)
  6. High Definition (20134)

BeautiControl Lip Shine Lighted Lip Gloss in 6 shades

BeautiControl Lip Shine Lighted Lip Gloss swatches

$24.50 (6 g/0.21 oz)

To order from BeautiControl:

Which lip gloss colour is your favourite?

Benefit Cosmetics Limited Edition Sets!

RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest Benefit Cosmetics retailer to pick up a limited edition set at an incredibly low price!  Get a 4-piece collection of Benefit’s most popular makeup products in a vintage Pop art-inspired tin.  This collectible, reusable tin would be perfect for storing your little treasures on your bathroom shelf.  Benefit has 5 different limited edition sets available in 5 colourful tins.

I bought the Primed For Lovin’ set for $49 ($109 value), which includes a mini-sized Ultra Plush lip gloss in Sugar Bomb (shimmering pinky nude) and full sizes of:

  • The POREfessional primer
  • They’re Real! mascara
  • High Beam highlighter

BENEFIT Primed for Lovin' Limited Edition Set

Please excuse my cat in the photos.  As soon as the red streamers came out of the tin, she couldn’t resist!  I gave up trying to do a photo shoot without her assistance.

BENEFIT Primed for Lovin' Set

Prices when buying these Benefit makeup products separately:

  • The POREfessional primer = $36
  • They’re Real! mascara = $29
  • High Beam highlighter = $32
  • Ultra Plush lip gloss (full-size) = $19

FYI, the mini-sized lip gloss is 0.22 oz.  A full-sized Ultra Plush lip gloss is 0.5 oz.

BENEFIT The POREfessional primer, They're Real mascara, High Beam highlighter, & mini Ultra Plush lip gloss

Four other limited edition sets currently available from Benefit:

Love Me B.Right set (skincare) = $56

BENEFIT Love Me B.Right Limited Edition Set

BENEFIT Love Me B.Right Set contents

It’s a Love Fest set = $43  ($90 value)

BENEFIT It's A Love Fest Limited Edition Set

Show Me the Love set

BENEFIT Show Me the Love Limited Edition Set

Lovabye Baby set

BENEFIT Lovabye Baby Limited Edition Set

For more information on the last 2 sets, please see the website for Benefit Cosmetics.

For my Canadian readers:

Select Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada carry some cosmetics (eg: Benefit) and fragrances typically only available at Sephora.  Until November 8th, spend $75 on cosmetics and receive 20 times the Shoppers Optimum points.  Thanks to Raveena and Sandy at Shoppers Drug Mart in Abbotsford for their friendly help!

Shoppers Drug Mart in Abbotsford

Fall Trend Alert: Wine-Stained Lips

Saturated, wine-stained lips are all over the red carpet this fall. Get the look with BeautiControl’s super moisturizing, long-lasting Hydrating Lip Color ($18):

  • Hypnotic (18190) – deep blackberry plum shade
  • Shiraz (18196) – burgundy plum shade
  • Truffle (18189) – shimmering, copper-flecked chocolate shade

Fall Trend Alert: Wine-Stained Lips

Pair these gorgeous lipsticks with BeautiControl’s Lip Perfecting Pencil ($13) for that perfect pout:

  • Hypnotic – pair with Plum (16846)
  • Shiraz – pair with Plum (16846)
  • Truffle – pair with Chocolate (16849)

BeautiControl's creamy, long-lasting Plum lip liner with a unique wind-up applicator means no sharpening is necessary!

BeautiControl's creamy, long-lasting Chocolate lip liner with a unique wind-up applicator means no sharpening is necessary!

Key lipstick benefits:

  • Vitamins A, C, and E protect lips from environmental damage
  • Argan, sunflower, and jojoba oils moisturize and soften lips
  • Acai berry oil helps nourish skin
  • Blend of natural butters moisturizes lips
  • Specially treated pigments for enhanced colour intensity and better wear
  • Volumizing peptide complex helps reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Orchid flower extract moisturizes, fights free radicals, and reduces the appearance of fine lines

Key lip liner benefits:

  • Lock lipstick in place with these creamy, long-lasting lip liners
  • Unique wind-up applicator means no sharpening is necessary – saves time!
  • Water-resistant ingredients help prevent fading
  • Blend of vitamins protects lips from environmental damage
  • Natural waxes minimize feathering and encourage smooth application

To order from BeautiControl:

What lipstick colours are YOU loving this fall?

MAC Toronto Saves the Day!

I recently had a scary makeup emergency while on vacation in Toronto!  In my last-minute packing rush, I forgot my trusty eye shadow trio at home.  Two weeks with no eye shadow?  Horrors!  The situation had to be remedied, and quickly before anyone got hurt.

You may be wondering: Why couldn’t she just go to the nearest drug store and pick up some eye shadow to tide her over until she got home??  Two reasons.  First, I order my eye shadow from BeautiControl, which isn’t available in stores.  Second, I’ve been disappointed with the low pigmentation of drug store eye shadows such as Revlon in the past, and didn’t want to spend money on something I didn’t really want.

As we were walking around Toronto, I saw a beacon of light – MAC!  Whew!  The universe could be set right again.  I eagerly scurried inside and explained my dilemma to the makeup consultant Ashley.  She said we could create a customized palette with 2 shadows or 4 shadows.  I usually use a trio of shadows from BeautiControl every day, but I opted for a two-shadow MAC palette (Soft Brown & Charcoal Brown).  Fortunately, I had managed to pack one MAC shadow (Orb) that I had been using at home in place of one of the BeautiControl trios I had used up.

MAC Toronto eye shadow saves the day

How did my substitute eye shadow palette from MAC measure up?

Colours:   A-

The MAC colours I chose were fairly similar to my usual BeautiControl colours (see Sedona trio below), but not as warm.  They look more similar in person than they do in the pictures because different lighting was used.  I took the MAC picture in my Toronto hotel room’s bathroom at nighttime, and the BeautiControl picture in my living room in natural daylight.  Side note: I like the built-in mirror and convenient two-sided brush that comes from BeautiControl.  In case you’re wondering what the heck that is reflecting in the mirror, it’s a paisley pillow that was on my lap while I was playing photographer.

BeautiControl Sedona eye shadow with two-sided makeup brush & built-in mirror

Long-lasting:   B+

Although MAC eye shadow is highly pigmented compared to drug store eye shadow, BeautiControl eye shadow is even more pigmented than MAC and lasts longer.

Price:   B-

MAC total = $48

  • MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow  x2 = $6
  • MAC Eye Shadow/Pro Palette Refill Pan (Soft Brown) = $12
  • MAC Eye Shadow/Pro Palette Refill Pan (Charcoal Brown) = $12
  • MAC Eye Shadow (Orb) = $18

BeautiControl Mineral Shadow Trio (Sedona) = $22

I usually stock up on Sedona eye shadow (15035) when it’s on sale for 20% off, so that brings the price down to about $17, which is almost one third of the price for MAC.

To order from BeautiControl:
Enter item number 15035  in the search box on the upper right

Overall MAC eye shadow rating:   B

I absolutely love MAC lipstick, but my go-to eye shadow is BeautiControl.  However, MAC was a good stand in on my vacation.  Thanks to Ashley at MAC Toronto for saving the day!  She kindly helped my friend Donna with eye shadow too (see pictures below).

What is your go-to eye shadow?  I’d love to hear from you!

MAC Toronto makeup consultant applying eye shadowMAC Toronto makeup consultant applying eye shadowMAC Toronto makeup consultant applying eye shadowMAC Toronto makeup consultant applying eye shadow

MAC Giveaway Haul!

I recently won DebE’s 100 Followers Thank You MAC giveaway!  DebE promptly ordered for me one MAC eye shadow + one MAC lipstick of my choice.  When I got back from vacation, these wonderful goodies were waiting for me.  What a nice treat to come home to!

MAC Grain satin eye shadow (golden beige with  icy shimmer) & Jubilee lustre lipstick (naked beigey-pink)

MAC Grain satin eye shadow (golden beige with  icy shimmer) & Jubilee lustre lipstick (naked beigey-pink)

For the picture below, I followed Heidi’s MAC Lipstick Secret explained in my previous post.

MAC Jubilee lustre lipstick (naked beigey-pink) swatch

I am very pleased with my MAC colour selections:

  • Eye Shadow:   Grain (Satin) (Colour: Golden beige with icy shimmer) $18
  • Lipstick:           Jubilee (Lustre) (Colour: Naked beigey-pink) $18

Thanks so much DebE for your kind generosity!  Much appreciated!   🙂

MAC Lipstick Secret!

Yesterday started and ended with awesome MAC experiences!  When I woke up, I discovered I won DebE’s 100 Followers Thank You MAC giveaway!  (I will do a post about that when my goodies arrive.)  I had been wanting to go to the MAC store for about 3 weeks since I learned Sicilianna Beauty’s tip about adding a layer of MAC translucent powder between coats of lipstick.  Winning DebE’s giveaway spurred me on to finally get to the mall last night despite an awful thunder storm and fatigue from a long day at work.

MAC Spice It Up lustre lipstick (mulled brown berry) & Burgundy lip pencil (brownish-burgundy) & NC5 Select Sheer loose translucent powder

I felt like a kid in a candy store surrounded by all those yummy-smelling MAC lipsticks!  But what made my experience was the cheerful and knowledgeable makeup consultant Heidi.  When I asked about translucent powder to make lipstick last longer, she demoed an awesome tip she learned from one of the head guys at MAC.

MAC lipstick steps:

  1. Line lips with lip pencil.
  2. Apply lipstick.
  3. Separate a two-ply facial tissue into two pieces.
  4. Dip powder brush into sheer loose powder.  Lightly tap brush against side of powder container in order to remove excess powder from brush.
  5. Gently press one piece of tissue against your lips, then gently press powder brush against tissue.
  6. Apply another layer of lipstick.

Heidi noted that lipstick is buildable with this technique.  Steps 5 and 6 can be repeated if you like.  She said that starting with lip primer would be even better in terms of making lipstick last longer.

Heidi patiently helped me with different lustre-finish lipsticks I wanted to try on.  To my surprise, she then suggested I try on a reddish-brown lipstick.  Red?!  I’ve been wearing more subdued lipsticks for the past few years, so I didn’t really expect to like it, but I gave it a try because she said red is the hot colour for this fall, particularly blue reds and Bordeaux.  I was surprised to discover that I liked it!  Please excuse the practically bare face and crazy hair in this pic.  Note to self: Don’t go shopping for beauty products when you look haggard because your outing may end up on your blog!

MAC Spice It Up lustre lipstick (mulled brown berry) & Burgundy lip pencil (brownish-burgundy) swatch

I ended up buying three products demoed on me (see pics above):

  • Lipstick:      Spice It Up! (Lustre) (Colour: Mulled brown berry) $18
  • Lip pencil:  Burgundy (Colour:  Brownish-burgundy) $18
  • Powder:      NC5 (Select Sheer/Loose) $30

Thanks DebE and Heidi for a great MAC day yesterday!   🙂