SALE ALERT: Monster Headphones

Save $30 to $80 on Monster headphones at SheLuvsTech until December 15, 2013.  Plus they have a December deal:

  • Save an additional 10% + FREE shipping
  • Use code:   10FREE
  • Ends:  December 24, 2013

Monster 128508 Ntune Hd On-ear Headphone (candy purple) $119.95

Monster 128295 Diamond Tears Edge On-ear Headphone $219.95

Monster 128794 Inspiration Active Noise-canceling Titanium Over-ear Headphone (white) $219.95

dreamGEAR DGUN-2743 Cookie Monster Headphone $20.99

16 thoughts on “SALE ALERT: Monster Headphones

  1. It’s crazy how huge headphones are now back in style…have always loved them!!! I’m lusting for the top right ones—look like they have a kind of futuristic, holographic look to them:)

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