OOTD: Purple Glitter Nails & Cardigan

Purple is the reigning colour this fall.  My new purple glitter fade manicure inspired me to include a purple ruffled cardigan in my OOTD on Sunday.  I love mixing purple with grey. Throwing on a bit of bling dresses jeans up.  My favourite playful necklace these days has dragonflies on it.  I wear it with everything from jeans to my little black dress.

Nails photographed in sunlight and artificial light:

Purple glitter fade nails in sunlight

Purple glitter fade nails in artificial light

Here’s my first selfie.  Harder to do than I thought!  Thanks to my hubby for stopping what he was working on and taking some pictures for me.  I couldn’t look at the camera because it was super bright outside on Sunday after a very windy Saturday night!

Purple cardigan, grey top, dragonfly necklace

Purple cardigan, grey top, and jeansPurple cardigan, grey top, jeans

Silver cuff bracelet and hoop earrings from Stella & Dot:

Stella & Dot hammered silver cuff bracelet

Stella & Dot hammered silver cuff bracelet & hoop earrings

Have you added any purple items to your wardrobe this fall?

13 thoughts on “OOTD: Purple Glitter Nails & Cardigan

  1. Wow! Love the nails. First thing that entered my mind were fairies—they look like fairy dust on the tips of your nails. Also love your cardigan’s shade of deep purple—very rich and sumptuous. Totally my kind of shade😉 I’ve always loved dragonflies. I’ve had a love affair with them since I was a little girl—loved catching the blue ones. I have a tiny dragonfly pendant on a chain but it’s all tangled up:( need to take it into a jeweller to untangle! Love your post!😉

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