One Last Summer Fling With Orange!

I have been in love with the colour orange this summer.  Now that we’re halfway through August and the days are getting shorter, I’m already starting to feel bummed about having to put my bright orange summer pieces away in the fall.  I’ve enjoyed sporting orange in my makeup, clothing, and accessories, such as this free Glytone beach bag I got with my order from Beauty Store Depot.

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Glytone beach bag

Glytone bag

Ooops!  Looks like I’ve disturbed the princess from her afternoon nap on the deck.

Disturbed from her nap

Wearing orange has perked up my mood and energy, helping me hike up to the summit of Mt. Thom in the summer afternoon heat in this ruffle tank top from Cleo.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…  Whew!  The view was worth it!

Orange tank top from Cleo

Tall tree on Mt. ThomCultus LakeMt. Thom summit view

My wonderful husband brought me home a beautiful bouquet of flowers with some orange Gerbera daisies for our 10-month anniversary (woo hoo!).  I grow Gerbera daisies every summer, but these ones are spectacular!

Orange Gerbera daisies

Yes, orange has been good to me this summer.  I’m going to finish off summer with a bang, wearing orange, orange, and more orange!

What colour are you going to miss when summer is over?

19 thoughts on “One Last Summer Fling With Orange!

  1. Orange has always been one of my favourite colours. I am looking forward to wearing more with summer coming to Australia!

  2. Orange is our families favorite color. I remember for years being made fun of and now it seems the “in” color. If orange makes you feel good, pop that color out every now and again. Fall and winter could use it. 😉 Congratulations on 10 months. The flowers are beautiful!

  3. Oh god you are so sweet!! I really like wearing all black with slashes of luminous colors. I’m a blue black taupe man with a big dash of poofy bits – i have a great black top with crystal skull. Thx 4 ur effort, good job

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  4. A very perky write-up as well! Your tank top reminds me of an old orange sweater of mine. My dad gifted me the sweater on my 19th B’day. It was the first orange addition to my wardrobe full of pink and different shades of pink! I still have that along with many more orange things. Orange is the best way to brighten spirit.

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