Do Heated Eyelash Curlers Really Work?

When I heard about heated eyelash curlers, I was skeptical.  I thought “If they worked, why didn’t anyone think of this a long time ago?”  I was curious yet unwilling to investigate the topic further, perhaps jaded by past disappointments of beauty purchases that didn’t deliver.

Last week, a girlfriend and I decided to check out the new Marshall’s store that opened in my area.  After spending an hour in the shoe section (of course!), I strolled through handbags on my way over to the beauty products.  Amidst the brightly-coloured nail polishes and hair scrunchies, I almost missed a small item in relatively plain black packaging.  But then my eye finally caught it: Wonder Curler.

Wonder Curler

Curiosity made me pick up the Wonder Curler box, but practicality made me put it back on the shelf.  I didn’t want to waste my hard-earned money on a potential gimmick I was going to regret buying.  But impulsivity and rationalization gave hope some legs to stand on.  After all, it was only $6.99….. maybe it would work and I’d have killer eyelashes.  If it didn’t work, it was only the price of a Starbucks.  Isn’t rationalization a wonderful thing?

The next day, I tentatively opened the box, put 2 AAA batteries inside the Wonder Curler, and read the instructions (that’s right, I am a woman).  They said that the red silicon pad that comes in contact with the lashes changes to clear when the temperature is ready for use.  So I turned on the Wonder Curler and waited….. Low and behold, the red silicon pad did change to clear in about 1 minute.  It took about 3 minutes for the very outside corners of the silicon pad to change from red to clear (only necessary for OCD people).  The instructions said to place the Wonder Curler on the lashes for 15 seconds.  To be safe, I did it for 30 seconds on each eye.  Guess what?  It worked!  Next, I applied waterproof mascara as I usually do.  My eyelashes stayed curled all day!

Today I decided to try the Wonder Curler when I already had mascara on.  After my mascara was dry, I used the Wonder Curler for 30 seconds on each eye.  The instructions said to repeat until the desired look is achieved, so I did another 30 seconds on each eye.  The result was a more dramatic look than using the Wonder Curler prior to mascara application.

Pros: lightweight, slender design, easy-grip, pretty pink accent colour, easily fits into a purse.  Cons: requires batteries, requires time to heat up.

So am I happy with my purchase?  At Marshall’s price of $6.99, yes.  That’s roughly the same price as a regular eyelash curler.  At the Los Angeles distributor’s price of $14.95 (, maybe not as happy.

12 thoughts on “Do Heated Eyelash Curlers Really Work?

  1. Next time save your $! for years make-up artists have been heating up their metal eyelash curlers with their blowdryer on hot + Medium speed. Just heat it up for 5-10 seconds, put them against your wrist to make sure it doesnt burn, then press lashes for 10 seconds each. 😉

  2. I wondered if it worked! I love curly eyelashes and so I will be looking to buy one now. I really love your blogs- they are so informative and its always fun to read some of your commical comments.!!

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