Colour Is In!

Want to be on-trend this summer?  The biggest fashion statement you can make is colour!  Choose bright, fun colours for your makeup and clothing.  If you don’t like drawing too much attention to yourself, don’t worry, just add a splash of vivid colour to your accessories.

An easy place to introduce colour into your look is your nail polish selection.  What’s hot in manicures these days?  Acrylic nails, French twists, glitter fades, metallics, and accent nails.  Now throw in some bright colours and you’re on-trend!

Below is the coral mani & pedi combo that I am currently sporting.  I chose a softer shade for my glitter-faded nails, and a bolder shade of orange for my toes (OPI’s Dress to Empress), with white flowers as an accent.  The camera doesn’t do the glitter fade justice.  It’s much prettier in person!


The manicurist was kind enough to take some pictures for me in the nail salon.  When I sent a picture to my husband, this is what he sent back to me:


I’m still laughing!  See, colours ARE fun!

What are your favourite colours for summer?

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