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What’s All the Hype About Clarisonic?

This article is based on what Clarisonic has to say.  I’ll share my personal opinion in a follow-up article.

What is Sonic Cleansing?

While cleansing is the first step in any skin care ritual, it is often overlooked.  Typical manual cleansing can leave behind dirt and oil trapped in pores.  This build-up can damage the appearance and health of your skin and keep your skin care products from working like they should.

Used and recommended by spas and leading dermatologists, Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems use a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to gently, yet thoroughly remove makeup 6X better than cleansing with your hands alone.  Cleaner skin is the first step toward healthier looking skin.  And healthier looking skin is smoother, more radiant, and more beautiful.

The Clarisonic skin brush goes beyond the skin’s surface to the deeper layers of the pores.  On account of its deep cleansing properties, the Clarisonic skin brush results in a visible reduction in the size of enlarged pores, leaving skin smoother and younger looking.  It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches, and blemishes.  The Clarisonic skin brush is waterproof and rechargeable, and has customizable brush heads.

Sonic Cleansing Benefits

  • Cleanses Better ~ Sonic cleansing is the essential first step in a healthy skin care ritual. Gently gliding across skin while cleansing thoroughly, the sonic micro-massage loosens and removes dirt, oil, and makeup from pores.  Trusted by dermatologists and aestheticians, the sonic action clarifies and revitalizes the skin without harsh chemicals.
  • Healthier Looking Skin ~ Without proper cleansing, drying detergents, pollutants, oil, and bacteria can damage the appearance and health of your skin.  Using Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems helps to remove impurities and clear pores.  And because there are no harsh abrasives or chemicals, Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems are a gentle, natural way to cleanse your skin.
  • Gentle ~ Sonic cleansing is the natural way to thoroughly cleanse all skin types – even skin affected by complicated conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, and acne.  Unlike many skin treatments that use harsh chemicals, the micro-massage action is effective, yet gentle enough to be used twice a day.  The Clarisonic brush is extremely mild even on very sensitive skin.  Those diagnosed with rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema find that they can use this product with virtually no irritation to the skin.
  • Prepares Skin For Other Products ~ Without proper cleansing, pollutants, oil, and bacteria accumulate on the skin, clogging pores and causing blackheads, blemishes, and dullness.  This may prevent creams, serums, and moisturizers from performing to their fullest potential.  Sonic cleansing better prepares your skin for skin care products.  Compared to manual cleansing, using the Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System allows for up to 61% better absorption of Vitamin C.  Better absorption allows creams, serums, and moisturizers to work their best.


Gently move the brush using small, circular motions.  Use on forehead (20 seconds), nose/chin (20 seconds), and both cheeks (10 seconds each).


  • Prior to the first use, charge the Clarisonic handle for 24 hours.
  • Once a week, remove the brush head and wash the handle using warm soapy water to remove any residue buildup.
  • Replace your Clarisonic brush head every 3 to 4 months.

Which Clarisonic System is Right For You?


  • $119Clarisonic Mia white set
  • A great introduction to sonic cleansing
  • One-button, compact size
  • 1 speed (normal)
  • 1 Sensitive or Normal brush head
  • Rechargeable battery life is 24 minutes
  • Universal voltage charger
  • 1 year warranty

Mia 2

  • $149
  • Separate buttons to control speed & powerClarisonic Mia 2 passionfruit set
  • One-minute pulsing T-Timer tells you when it’s time to cleanse the next area of your face
  • Protective travel case
  • 2 speeds (low & normal)
  • 1 Sensitive brush head
  • Rechargeable battery life is 24 minutes, in normal speed
  • Universal voltage charger
  • 2 year warranty

Aria   (NEW)

  • $199Clarisonic Aria white set
  • Separate buttons to control speed & power
  • T-Timer is adjustable to 1 or 2 minutes
  • Drying stand that converts to a charging station
  • 3 speeds (low, normal, & high)
  • 1 Sensitive brush head
  • Rechargeable battery life is 28 minutes, in normal speed
  • Real-time battery life indicator
  • USB-enabled charger
  • 2 year warranty

Which Clarisonic Brush Head is Right For Your Skin Type?

  • Normal:  Perfect for normal skin, shaving prep, and for use on the decollete and body.
  • Deep Pore Cleansing:  Ideal for oily skin, large pores, or hard to reach areas of the face.  Gentle enough for daily use.
  • Acne Clarifying:  Extra-plush bristles provide gentle cleansing for sensitive, acne-prone, rosacea, and post-procedure skin.
  • Sensitive:  A great starting point for sensitive to normal skin types.
  • Delicate:  An ultra-soft brush for those with delicate or extra-sensitive skin.
  • Body/Spot Therapy:  For cleansing areas of the body needing extra care and attention, including the hands, arms, elbows, and feet.  Works with Clarisonic PLUS and PRO models.

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Have you tried a Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System?  What do you think of it?  I’d love to hear your feedback.

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Do Heated Eyelash Curlers Really Work?

When I heard about heated eyelash curlers, I was skeptical.  I thought “If they worked, why didn’t anyone think of this a long time ago?”  I was curious yet unwilling to investigate the topic further, perhaps jaded by past disappointments of beauty purchases that didn’t deliver.

Last week, a girlfriend and I decided to check out the new Marshall’s store that opened in my area.  After spending an hour in the shoe section (of course!), I strolled through handbags on my way over to the beauty products.  Amidst the brightly-coloured nail polishes and hair scrunchies, I almost missed a small item in relatively plain black packaging.  But then my eye finally caught it: Wonder Curler.

Wonder Curler

Curiosity made me pick up the Wonder Curler box, but practicality made me put it back on the shelf.  I didn’t want to waste my hard-earned money on a potential gimmick I was going to regret buying.  But impulsivity and rationalization gave hope some legs to stand on.  After all, it was only $6.99….. maybe it would work and I’d have killer eyelashes.  If it didn’t work, it was only the price of a Starbucks.  Isn’t rationalization a wonderful thing?

The next day, I tentatively opened the box, put 2 AAA batteries inside the Wonder Curler, and read the instructions (that’s right, I am a woman).  They said that the red silicon pad that comes in contact with the lashes changes to clear when the temperature is ready for use.  So I turned on the Wonder Curler and waited….. Low and behold, the red silicon pad did change to clear in about 1 minute.  It took about 3 minutes for the very outside corners of the silicon pad to change from red to clear (only necessary for OCD people).  The instructions said to place the Wonder Curler on the lashes for 15 seconds.  To be safe, I did it for 30 seconds on each eye.  Guess what?  It worked!  Next, I applied waterproof mascara as I usually do.  My eyelashes stayed curled all day!

Today I decided to try the Wonder Curler when I already had mascara on.  After my mascara was dry, I used the Wonder Curler for 30 seconds on each eye.  The instructions said to repeat until the desired look is achieved, so I did another 30 seconds on each eye.  The result was a more dramatic look than using the Wonder Curler prior to mascara application.

Pros: lightweight, slender design, easy-grip, pretty pink accent colour, easily fits into a purse.  Cons: requires batteries, requires time to heat up.

So am I happy with my purchase?  At Marshall’s price of $6.99, yes.  That’s roughly the same price as a regular eyelash curler.  At the Los Angeles distributor’s price of $14.95 (, maybe not as happy.

Colour Is In!

Want to be on-trend this summer?  The biggest fashion statement you can make is colour!  Choose bright, fun colours for your makeup and clothing.  If you don’t like drawing too much attention to yourself, don’t worry, just add a splash of vivid colour to your accessories.

An easy place to introduce colour into your look is your nail polish selection.  What’s hot in manicures these days?  Acrylic nails, French twists, glitter fades, metallics, and accent nails.  Now throw in some bright colours and you’re on-trend!

Below is the coral mani & pedi combo that I am currently sporting.  I chose a softer shade for my glitter-faded nails, and a bolder shade of orange for my toes (OPI’s Dress to Empress), with white flowers as an accent.  The camera doesn’t do the glitter fade justice.  It’s much prettier in person!


The manicurist was kind enough to take some pictures for me in the nail salon.  When I sent a picture to my husband, this is what he sent back to me:


I’m still laughing!  See, colours ARE fun!

What are your favourite colours for summer?


Hello dear readers!  I couldn’t agree more with the writer of this article on stress, Brandi Dodd.  Relaxing beauty rituals aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities in this hectic world we live in!  What do YOU do to de-stress?  I’d love to hear your comments.



We all have it! How is it that some people seem to “cope” better with it than others? 

Well I have found that those who “cope” better with their stress levels are the ones who are able to create and routinely practice healthy behaviors in their lives. Especially, during times when stress levels are the highest. This is actually the most important time to stick to the healthy habits they have included in their routines. 

Most people don’t realize that 80% of the complaints we go to the doctor’s office for is related to stress! Whether it be hypertension, ulcers, obesity, anxiety, depression, etc the list just goes on and on. When in reality if we just “bit” the bullet and coped with our high stress levels by taking that “me” time each day or at least several times a week we wouldn’t end up at the doctor’s office…

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New BC Color Summer Collection!

Product Buzz June 2013

NEW hydrating lip color shades!  Five chic shades are a bright addition for nourishment, hydration, and protection:

  • Valley Girl (19599)
  • Smitten (19682)
  • Stiletto (19601)
  • Frenzy (19600)
  • Fashionista (19598)

NEW Limited Edition nail lacquers!  Three hot shades give you salon quality, professional color to complete your summer look:

  • Pop (19823)
  • Exposed (19821)
  • Gossip (19822)

NEW Limited Edition French manicure nail appliques!  Add this three-dimensional finishing touch to any BC Color Nail Lacquer for a unique twist to the French manicure:

  • Sparkle (20128)
  • Dazzle (20127)

Skinlogics Lip Balm

BEAUTIPICK OF THE MONTH:  25% off Skinlogics Lip Balm (13377).  Lips stay moisturized, feel soothed, and maintain a youthful appearance by protecting against environmental aggressors.  Orange peel oil helps to moisturize dry lips.

W.H.O.’s Gorgeous lip gloss (19824).  This moisturizing formula brings a sheer hint of “pretty in pink” for a soft, glossy pout.

W.H.O.’s Gorgeous nail lacquer (18182).  Shimmery pink and oh-so-sweet.  State-of-the-art ingredients that are long-lasting, ultra-fast drying, and offer extraordinary shine.

W.H.O.’s Gorgeous eau de toilette (18706).  Notes of Italian bergamot, blood orange, black currant, tonka beans, and Himalayan musk makes this fragrance playfully sensual to bring out the gorgeous side of every woman.

The W.H.O. (Women Helping Others) Foundation has been helping women, children, and families since 1993.  For each W.H.O.’s Gorgeous lip gloss, nail lacquer, and eau de toilette that you purchase, $1 will go to the W.H.O. Foundation.  And every dollar counts to those who are in need.

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What Fragrance Personality is Your Man?

Fragrances can often reflect our mood and personality.  They react differently according to our own chemical makeup, bodies, and age.  To determine if a fragrance suits your chemical makeup, test it on your bicep because this constantly-working muscle will quickly warm up the fragrance and mix it with your body’s own natural scent.  Allow one hour for the fragrance to mature on your skin.

Several factors influence how a fragrance interacts with our own physiology and affects our perception of that fragrance.  These factors include our metabolism, our diet (eating spicy and fatty food increases a fragrance’s intensity), illness, use of medication (which impacts a fragrance’s character), and our skin type (dry skin does not hold fragrance as long).  Fragrances are more intense on oily skin.  A good general rule of thumb is to change your fragrance depending upon the season.  Go for lighter scents during the warmer weather and stronger scents during the drier, cooler weather.  Fragrance needs to be stronger in the winter to be noticeable because less skin is exposed at that time of year.

It is important to keep the cologne bottle in its original box; the notes can change if you use different packaging.  Cologne is comprised of three levels of “notes,” or fragrances.  The top notes are those that you smell immediately and are most noticeable within 15 minutes of applying.  The middle notes emerge after 10 or 15 minutes and reach their peak after 3 or 4 hours.  The deeper, bottom notes last the longest and can linger on the skin from 45 minutes to 8 hours or longer.

Masculine scents tend to be dry (non-sweet) and fresh, while feminine scents tend to be sweet, sensual, and warm.  In Michael Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel, there are 4 families of notes:

  • Floral ~ predominantly feminine
  • Oriental ~ predominantly feminine
  • Woody ~ predominantly masculine
  • Fresh ~ predominantly masculine

Fragrance Wheel 2010

Men’s Fragrance Personalities

When choosing a cologne for your man, try to match the scent to his personality:

  • Confident/Wise ~ Fresh scents
  • Sexy/Adventurous ~ Woody scents
  • Easygoing/Fun ~ Woody scents
  • Sensitive/Shy ~ Woody scents

Fresh scents have universal appeal and are light enough to be worn all day long.  Woody scents bring out the sensual nature of the wearer.  BeautiControl’s BC Man Cologne (18766) is clean, fresh, and modern with a subtle, woody warmth.  Top notes of citrus, pink peppercorns, vetiver, and peppermint, and middle notes of grapefruit, jasmine, nutmeg, cedarwood, and rockrose, balance perfectly with bottom notes of ginger, patchouli, sandalwood, and moss.  It has a concentrated formula for long-lasting fragrance.

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